Watch This 15-Year-Old ‘Guitar Hero’ Virtuoso Shred a Heavy Metal Masterpiece to Bits

So is this the way it works now? Video games encourage musical education? And when you put down the video game controller and pick up the real guitar, you’re all primed and ready?

Video game wizardry leads to musical mastery.

I don’t know if that is totally the way it works, but Through the Fire and Flames was a hit from 2006 by English band DragonForce. Later, it went on to video game fame. It’s considered the hardest song in the Guitar Hero series, and also appears in other games.

But video games are not the only place she’s getting her music education. I don’t really see how that would be possible, anyhow. This video was filmed with the help of her guitar teacher.

If she plays like this, then how much better is her teacher? Someone needs to sign them both to a record deal right now. Get off of the video games and onto the concert stage.

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