5 Flights Canceled, 25 Delayed, 6,300 Passengers Affected… by 3 Shoppers, What?

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Trust me. You won’t believe what happened at this airport in Japan and why.

Late on March 9 in Okinawa, three Chinese tourists who were supposed to be waiting to catch a domestic flight to Tokyo at Naha Airport went to the baggage claim area on the first floor and the departure hall on the second floor.

Worrying that they might have brought or transmitted contraband to other passengers, the airport asked all passengers to go back outside the security inspection area and redo the security check.


All passengers were asked to redo the safety check. (Screenshot/YouTube)


Chaos ensued. (Screenshot/YouTube)

(Image: Screenshot/ Youtube)

Hundreds of passengers were affected. (Image: Screenshot/YouTube)

Five flights were canceled, and 25 were delayed, affecting over 6,300 passengers.

And things got really messy with working out which passengers had to do or redo the safety check.

We don’t know how exactly they “strayed into” those areas but as the three ladies explained, while waiting to transit to Tokyo , they were walking around, finding duty-free shops and accidentally went to the wrong places, according to Epoch Times.

However, entering a baggage claim area from a passenger lounge by mistake doesn’t sound possible because the signs guiding arriving and departing passengers should be clear enough, and most importantly… there are immigration counters between them! No wonder Japanese bloggers described it as “big chaos.”

Anyway, those passengers affected must have been rolling their eyes when they finally heard that the whole situation was caused by three ladies looking for duty-free goods. What a terribly careless mistake!

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