Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson Crash Paris Fashion Week for ‘Zoolander 2’

Who’d imagine Derek Zoolander and Hansel would be strutting onto Paris Fashion Week? The iconic characters from 2001’s Zoolander are back to hint at an upcoming sequel.

It only makes sense they’d introduce the film like this. Zoolander was the ultimate fashion caper film. The male modeling industry still hasn’t recovered. So the next best thing to tear up the runway is coming in 2016. And hopefully this real life scene from Fashion Week is going straight into the final film, or at least into the special features.

Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, and villain Will Ferrell, they’re all just 15 years older. But as long as they still have that fashion sense to make the latte mongering fashionistas check themselves, and the runway stunts to trip up catwalk veterans, this should do well.

While we still have to wait until next February for the film, at least we can enjoy some old scenes from Zoolander.

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