Red Bull Drift Challenge: 2 Drivers and 99 Corners of Awesomeness (Videos)

In an epic battle of skill and nerves of steel, these two drivers test themselves to the limits for the title of Drift King of Tianmenshan Mountain.

This particular road is 4.6 miles long with an elevation change of nearly 4,200 feet, and features exactly 99 corners for top-class drifters James Tang from Hong Kong, and Federico Sceriffo from Italy to hurtle and skid around.

It’s a beautiful but treacherous section that follows hairpin bends from the cable car mid-station to the top of Hunan Province‘s Tianmenshen, which literally means “sky hole mountain.”

Locally it’s known as Tongtian Avenue or the Road to Heaven, and the 99 turns symbolize the nine palaces of heaven. At the peak is a rock arch called Heaven’s Gate.

So all that makes for one of the greatest roads to go drifting, although fortunately the guys won’t be meeting their makers in this race…

All that stands between the drivers and the sheer drops into the valley are some flimsy-looking concrete barriers.


Those barriers don’t look like they would stop a car driving at speed from rolling over the edge! (Screenshot/YouTube)

Reaching speeds of up to 105 miles per hour, Red Bull China’s Lexus SC and Team Orange Japan’s Toyota Supra race sideways up the mountain to see who will come out top.

I won’t tell you who won, but there was only a difference of 1.5 points between them so kudos to both the drifters!

Here’s the preview video:

And here’s another view from a drone:

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