2 Young Brothers Reunited After 11 Years Apart, How Touching (Video)

While celebrating the 2015 Taiwan Lantern Festival, the organizers invited aboriginal dance groups to perform in one of the display areas. And guess what? Something magical happened.

Yang Junjie, the sound controller, who is a member of the Atayal tribe, saw a 14-year-old performer who reminded him of his missing younger brother.

Another Atayal staff thought they looked alike and believed they could be brothers, so they decided to confirm this with the director of the dance group and found out that the boy really was Yang’s half-brother, Yang Jingyan.

They got separated 11 years ago when Jingyan was 3, and Junjie was 11 because of their parents’ divorce, the Council of Indigenous Peoples told Epoch Times.

The organizers then arranged a reunion for them on the stage. After being out of touch with each other for over a decade, the pair finally met during an “Atayal hunting dance” performance.

It was a particularly big surprise for the younger brother because

apparently he was too little to remember what his elder brother looked like when they were separated.

He broke down in tears on the stage and the audience was deeply moved.

(Image: Epoch Times)

The brothers Yang Junjie, Yang Jingyan, and their aunt in the middle. (Image: Epoch Times)

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