How to Tell If Someone Is Korean, Chinese, or Japanese

For all you culture nerds, this is for you. It’s your perfect guide to telling apart the 3 major East Asian culture groups, and then some. Because you will also learn the differences between the appearances of Chinese people from different parts of the huge place that is China.

Telling apart people from different Asian countries is the new party game.

You will absolutely amaze your Asian friends if you can do this accurately. Because you will be able to do something that even they can’t do so well. So study hard and practice often.

Asian differences

Use this handy reference next time you’re snooping around the mall. (Off the Great Wall/YouTube)

I’ve had Asian people tell me confidently that they can tell Asians apart, and then seen them go on to prove their own predictions wrong time and time again. I am convinced that it is easier for a non-Asian person to learn this sometimes useful skill. It will serve you well in a lifelong quest towards cultural sensitivity.

And after you can tell Asians apart, the real test: Can you tell Asian Americans from Asian Canadians?

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