This Gibbon Puts Hat Over Her Eyes and Charges Round House Bumping Into Stuff for Fun

In this house, gibbons run loose, swinging from the ceiling, jumping on the couches, and basically acting like a bunch of monkeys. One in particular has a special game she plays, blindfolded.

April the gibbon puts the beanie over her head and runs across the room until she hits something.

It’s really sweet to watch actually. April and the gang live with Dana Savorelli at the Monkey Island Rescue in Greenwood, Missouri, U.S.A. They are hoping through this video and publicity to raise money for the rescue center. Here’s the website.

Hanging out at home with their "dad." (Image: Facebook)

Hanging out at home with their “dad.” (Image: Facebook)

This littel gobon loves putting on the hat and bumping into things. (Screenshot/YouTube)

This little gibbon loves putting on her hat and bumping into things. (Screenshot/YouTube)

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