Can You See the Art in Everyday Objects? (Photos)

Is it a comb or a Rolls Royce? (Screenshot/YouTube)
Is it a comb or a Rolls Royce? (Screenshot/YouTube)

I sometimes wonder when I see something extraordinary, how it got transformed from being just ordinary.

If the way I usually see things gets shaken up like that, it ends up making me smile.

Let’s take visual storyteller Christoph Niemann as an example. His art work has appeared on the covers of major publications like The New Yorker, TIME, and Wired, and he’s won several awards for his work.

Niemann often uses everyday objects to create other objects… Here are some of them:


How creative! But where does Niemann get his inspiration from? He revealed his secret during a presentation at Design Indaba Conference 2013.

After many years of experience, he developed a formula for coming up with a great idea, and hard effort makes up 87% of that process. It’s the part when you bang your head against the table that really matters.

He says it’s like trying to catch a chicken with your bare hands—it is extremely hard and unglamorous. The rest of the formula is made up of 7.5% luck, a pinch of talent at 0.5%, and 5% of staying off the Internet for 90 consecutive minutes.




And that’s the reason why I’ll never be able to draw like this, but I can still enjoy his funny video:

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