Loving Wife Takes Paralyzed Husband on Dream Spring Outing (Photos)

    They walked slowly through the flowers, basking in the warm sun. Both their faces were filled with happiness. (Image: Huaxi Daily)Ms. Zhang lifted her husband's hand to touch the canola flowers. (Image: Huaxi Daily)It was her dream for them to look at the canola flowers together again. (Image: Huaxi Daily)

    Spring is on its way! It’s the nicest time of the year to go outside and see the lovely flowers, especially for couples.

    After a five year wait, Ms. Zhang finally fulfilled her dream of going out with her husband to see the canola flowers again. He had a serious motorcycle accident, and the doctors expected him to be paralyzed and brain damaged. But Ms. Zhang didn’t give up her hope.

    This strong woman shouldered the burden of raising the whole family, working hard like a man during the day, and taking good care of her husband after she went home, according to Huaxi Daily.

    After three years, his condition improved greatly, from not even being able to move his eyes to saying a few words.

    Ms. Zhang told the paper in tears: “The first time he could speak clearly he called me ‘honey’, when I was talking about my life to him one day,”

    “We’ve been married for 22 years. He has never used my name, but always called me ‘honey.'”

    During Chinese New Year, she talked about her dream during an interview: “It’s hard for me to put my husband into the wheelchair. I really want to have a movable bed, so I can push my husband out to see the canola flowers in the spring.”

    The local hospital heard the story, and donated a movable bed to the family. On March 11, they visited the canola fields by the village with big smiles on their faces.

    Chinese bloggers were touched by the news. One commented:

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