Which Cities Are Considered the Safest in the World?

These 10 global cities featured in the video above are considered the safest by the Economist Intelligence Unit. I won’t name them for you here, you can see for yourself.

But how did the Economist come up with their safe city list?

“Securing public safety means addressing a wide—and evolving—range of risks. The Safe Cities Index aims to capture this complexity,” says the Safe Cities Index 2015 White Paper. “The Index tracks the relative safety of a city across four categories: digital security, health security, infrastructure safety, and personal safety.”

The above video and the top 10 list have met some online flack though.

  • “Miami or Houston way above New York in safety. Good people can actually fight back, instead of playing the victim.”
  • “Australia’s gun control laws DO NOT positively contribute to factors behind why Sydney is a safe city. Thus making this video factually false.”
  • “Top 10 when Singapore is at #2 when it’s actually #1, and when DUBAI is not directly below Singapore, (let alone nowhere to be found on the list)… and with NY included, Osaka and Tokyo over-estimated… is, ladies and gentlemen, what you call a load of c**p and a complete joke.”

These are some of the online comments. So what do you think? Is this list out of touch?

The Safe City Index actually focused on 50 cities, which are below in descending order of rank.


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