‘Frozen Fever’ Brings Us a New Song, ‘Making Today a Perfect Day’

In the icy midst of the time after the sequel announcement from Disney about Frozen 2, the opening days of Cinderella thawed us out a bit with the short film, Frozen Fever.

And with that short film came a new song. So now we can start singing Making Today a Perfect Day.

I don’t know if it compares with the songs from the first film, like Let It Go and the like. I know everybody can’t get enough of them, so this will have to hold you until Frozen 2.

If you haven’t gone out to see Cinderella, at least so you could catch the 7-minute Frozen tease that starts it off, then you can still get a sense for the story through this song.

It’s about a birthday party for Anna, but Elsa just can’t get rid of a cold enough to help out.

Hopefully by the time Frozen 2 arrives, there will be a fresh new batch of great songs to sing along to for the next 5 years! Elsa and Anna got the songs that we can’t help but sing anywhere and everywhere we go.


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