George Clooney Enters Unseen Realms in Trailer for ‘Tomorrowland’

This new Disney film is scheduled to hit theaters in May. It explores a girl who can enter a reality which exists alongside this reality. That’s before George Clooney shows her what Tomorrowland is all about. Tomorrowland is also the name of one of the theme park sections in Disney theme parks around the world.

Where exactly will ‘Tomorrowland’ take us?

George Clooney serves as guide to the alternate universe Tomorrowland gives us. He and costar Britt Robertson take direction from Brad Bird. Most of Bird’s experience comes in animated film and TV. Bird garnered academy awards for his animated work, and acclaim for directing Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

bathtub rocket

A rather odd transportation device. (Disney Movie Trailers/YouTube)

This film could be an attempt revitalize Walt Disney’s original idea behind Tomorrowland. Or it could be tied in with attempts to renew interest in the Disney park attraction itself. I don’t know if this would lead to more films with the same aim by Disney.

Whether the larger purpose is marketing may not matter if the film comes out on top. We know how much merchandising potential is usually built into Disney films. But a futuristic view of possibilities always has the potential to captivate people, and so do the abundant special effects and motion graphics.

casey ponders

Casey looks out into Tomorrowland. (Disney Movie Trailers/YouTube)

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