Poltergeist Activity Caught on Film? You Decide

Paranormal activity: girl levitating. (Screenshot/YouTube)
Paranormal activity: girl levitating. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Do you believe in poltergeists? Then this one is for you. A woman in Lancashire, England, says she has been haunted since 2009. But now she has video footage to prove it.

Donna Ayres from Burnley said that she had a troubled relationship with her late brother Paul, and this is who she believes is haunting her. She has moved house five times to get away from him, but it seems there is no escape.

Donna Ayres Image: Screenshot/YouTube

Donna Ayres. (Screenshot/YouTube)

The mother of four has been left with bruises, and on one occasion she was pinned down on the bed.

Has a poltergeist been caught on camera?

She claims that she has captured some of the poltergeist activity on film.

On the video, there is a levitating spoon and a light fixture swinging.

Ayers said: “Ever since my brother died, strange things have occurred in every house I’ve lived in; it’s been a living hell.”

Poltergeist moving a spoon ? Image: Screenshot/YouTube

Poltergeist moving a spoon? (Screenshot/YouTube)

“Probably the worst time was when I was pinned to the bed; I’ll never forget it—it was very traumatic.

“I believe this is happening because death has always followed me, but I have strong suspicions the spirit could be my brother, who died when I was younger.

“We had a very troubled relationship, perhaps that’s why he’s come back to haunt me,” reported the Daily Mail.

After people doubted what she was saying, she began to film the ghostly occurrences. Since she began filming, she believes that she has angered the poltergeist, as the activity has become more frequent.

Poltergeist moving the lights? Image: Screenshot/YouTube

Poltergeist moving the lights? (Screenshot/YouTube)

She added: “The paranormal activity first started in 2009 when I began to hear bangs at night, and then scratches appeared on the wall.

“Since these first encounters I’ve had nothing but rampant paranormal activity in every house I’ve lived in. I’m just at the end of my tether.

“I have even woken up with bruises some mornings, despite not being in contact with anyone.”

“It’s hard to get the footage, as sometimes the paranormal activity is too quick to film, but I think I’ve done well to catch what I have with a basic camera phone,” according to the Daily Mail.

She went on to say: “Given the rocky relationship with my brother, I genuinely believe this ghost is haunting me, not just the house which I live in, which is the most terrifying thing.”

I’d hate for this to happen to me.

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