How to Turn a Carrot Into a Beautiful Sounding Musical Instrument

Linsey Pollak has been taking his act around Australia for decades. He plays on an assortment of weird and strange musical instruments of his own invention.

You no longer have an excuse for not playing an instrument.

Some of his instruments are even edible. He can have them as a snack after he’s finished playing, and then make another one before the next performance.

I guess he was tired of playing the same old instruments and found a way to capture his own interest, and that of others, too. He should take his act on the road, maybe having an orchestra composed of instruments like these.

You could say these are a super low cost alternatives to high priced instruments. But before you go out and try to make these yourself, thinking you’ll use them to audition for the philharmonic orchestra, you might want to compare the nuances in tone quality and articulation.

Pollak travels Australia, participating in musical events and holding workshops as a way to bring communities together through music. He’s had a really big impact in adding musical diversity into otherwise standard community events.

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