God’s Palette: The Red Lands of Dongchuan (Photos)

    The main crops grown here are wheat, barley, and canola. (Image: hkastroforum.net)The earth is rich in minerals including copper. (Image: hkastroforum.net)Some areas are heavily terraced. (Image: hkastroforum.net)Bright reds contrast with deep greens. (Image: hkastroforum.net)The highest altitude in Dongchuan is over 14,000 feet. (Image: hkastroforum.net)Rich red soil beneath the azure blue sky. (Image: hkastroforum.net)Cereals ripen in the summer sun. (Image: hkastroforum.net)The Wumeng Mountains fade into the distance. (Image: hkastroforum.net)The different crops color the red hues of the land. (Image: hkastroforum.net)Colorful contours! (Image: hkastroforum.net)Grains and vegetables grow abundantly. (Image: hkastroforum.net)The landscape has been carefully cultivated. (Image: hkastroforum.net)A road winds through the multi-colored landscape. (Image: hkastroforum.net)The sky looks even bluer against the red dirt. (Image: hkastroforum.net)Summer is one of the most colorful times when different crops are in season. (Image: hkastroforum.net)

    It’s a photographer’s dream, and popular with backpackers too.

    Dongchuan County is located in Yunnan Province near the city of Kunming, and is known for its striking red earth, which stretches for almost 30 miles.

    The soil is rich in minerals, particularly copper, and one of China‘s six biggest copper bases is located in this district.

    Surrounding the central area of Huagou, which means “colorful valley,” are the Wumeng Mountains, and the altitude varies between 5,900 and 8,500 feet.

    There are several good times to visit. In May and June, photographers can get great shots of the bright red fields after plowing, before the crops start growing.

    Later, golden barley and wheat fields add other colors to the gorgeous landscape, set against stunning blue skies

    Autumn is also beautiful when some of the crops have been harvested, and the white potato flowers are in season.

    The area is relatively undeveloped, and you can see horse-drawn carts as well as flocks of goats and oxen. Some of the attractions have delightful names, like Sunset Valley, Embroidery Garden, and Music Hollow.

    Another destination, known as Seven-Color Slope, is named after the seven fields with different crops that decorate the terrain at a particular time in summer.

    Research by Ming Yue

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