These Photos Will Warm Your Heart

    A sanitation worker picked up a female student's wallet and waited for two hours in the rain. Finally, he was able to hand the wallet over to its owner, who was moved to tears. (Image: SecretChina)This 48-year-old one-legged man earns money by picking up trash on his chainless bike. He carries his cherished 81-year-old invalid mother so that she can be out in the fresh air and always be near him. (Image: SecretChina)A man in his 70s came all the way to Beijing seeking treatment for his seriously ill wife. However, due to her old age, she was turned down for chemotherapy. Before they left Beijing, the man took his wife to a jewelry store and bought her a diamond ring that  she had wished for all her life. Afterwards, the old man saw the warmest smile on his wife’s face. (Image: SecretChina)This man says : A country's attitude toward the working class is an indication of that nation's future and hope. The slogan on the wall says: Make the city more beautiful to live in.An 80-year-old woman went into a restaurant and told the waitress: “I want some soup, but I only have two dollars.” The old woman could neither hear well nor speak well, but I could sense her helplessness and she almost cried. When the waitress brought her the soup, the old woman found an egg in it and said: A few years ago, on the evening of Dec. 27 in Zhengzhou, a few officers came and knocked down a roasted sweet potato stall. The young woman dared not resist, but her eyes filled with tears as she silently endured the humiliation. A young school child passed by and looked at her sympathetically. The young woman got up and handed the child a sweet potato to eat. (Image: SecretChina)This young Chinese mother is trying to carry her child as well as the massive load on her back. (Image: SecretChina)From the picture, you can see that a dog is trying to protect its injured friend while asking for human help. Many people stopped to watch and take pictures, which showed up on the Internet. (Image: SecretChina)

    It’s said a picture is worth a thousand words.

    You can see many moving scenes in China every day.


    Please take a minute to look at the following photos, for they are sure to touch your heart.

    Captions translated by Yang Ming


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