How About a MacBook So Simple You Can’t Do Anything With It?

Calm down folks. It’s a joke. I know how you all love your portable Apple computers. I used to be a Mac lover myself. And then I grew brave enough to venture out and explore other types of computers.

Production house Cinesaurus took the opportunity to design a parody ad for an even simpler take on simple design. It’s got no keyboard and no screen. In fact, it’s so simple, there’s almost no computer there.

Apple. The source for good computers, and good tech humor.

But after seeing the newest MacBooks, I might try Apple again. Oh yes, Apple, you may soon have a new injection of a couple thousand dollars from this here customer. I like your new, simple design. It’s sure to have the masses simply itching for their credit cards.

But there is nothing simple from the engineering standpoint. Only the most complex engineering can bring about a product like this, and Apple explains many of their design points in detail in one of their latest ads.

Cinesaurus isn’t the only one making fun of the new computer. Laughs are being had throughout the tech community.

This probably is a much milder hazing than the past iPhone troubles for Apple. Nobody is saying the new MacBooks are bad computers. People are just poking fun at Apple’s engineering and advertising concepts.

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