Marvel Profiles ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ Team Members in New TV Spot

I can’t believe how good each new promotional video for the upcoming movie gets. We are less than two months from the film’s release, and Marvel is doing an incredible job at slowly revealing why we should go see it.

Marvel fans are writhing in anticipation.

Not only do we see our first movie’s established Avengers members, but sibling duo Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch also come forth. Quicksilver even speaks, and with an extremely heavy European accent. Quicksilver and his twin sister are also known as the children of Magneto, the notorious enemy/ally of the X-Men. But their origins have varied over the years due to different interpretations by comic book writers.

Don’t even think that these are the only Marvel super heroes we’re going to see. Nobody, except the filmmakers, knows who else from the Marvel Universe is going to show up. But everyone knows there will be surprise guests.

The rumors are swirling. Your best bets at this point, based on all the rumors, are Ms. Marvel, Black Panther, Spider-Man, Vision, Ant-Man…all strong possibilities. But expect the unexpected. Don’t be surprised to see someone highly unlikely show up. She-Hulk, anyone? Perhaps Howard the Duck? Wonder Man and the entire West Coast Avengers? Someone from the X-Men universe? An alternate Nick Fury that actually looks like the original comic book version? Marvel at all the possibilities!


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