What Is This Student’s Drum Kit Made of? You’ll Be Surprised (Video)

You probably already know that Little Apple is a famous Chinese song covered by many well-known singers with plenty of adaptations created by bloggers. But you’d probably never imagine the version performed by this high school student.

There are plenty of different ones online, such as the pretty ladies version, the funny cartoon version, the inspirational story version, the Korean version, and even the People’s Armed Police prancing to the song on the training field, in the gym, and the kitchen.


‘Little Apple’ by the Chopsticks Brothers. (Screenshot/YouTube)

But this student at National Pei-Kang Agricultural and Industrial vocational High School in Taiwan just took it to a whole new level.

He made a drum kit out of a trash can, a desk, a fan and a bucket to perform the pop song ‘Little Apple

It was recorded by a friend, posted on Facebook on March 18, and got over 500,000 views, and 18,500 likes in just a few days.

Bloggers commented:

  • “I’m willing to buy a real drum set for him to perform.”
  • “I admit that I’ve played games like that in high school, but this pro bro did it seriously.”
  • “A real master appears calm.”
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