Giraffe Does What It Wants, Drooling Included

“Oh look, he’s coming over to us!” A family at a drive-through safari gets excited as a giraffe starts walking toward their car. But, they get much closer to this dribbler than they ever hoped.

Here he comes. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Here he comes. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Here comes the tongue. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Here comes his tongue. The children reach out to feed the friendly giraffe, while Dad warns them not to put their fingers in its mouth. (Screenshot/YouTube)

The first thing you notice is how big a giraffe is up close. Then you notice how big its face and lips are as they insert themselves into the family’s car. Then you notice how long a giraffe’s tongue is as it licks the treats out of the kids’ hands.

What you notice next is the giraffe’s long tendrils of drool dangling down into their wide-open sunroof.

The best part is at the end… wait and see what happens after the giraffe steals the entire bag of feed on the front seat… let’s just say, it starts raining, but not the watery kind.

Looking real handsome their Gerald. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Looking real handsome there Gerald. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Things start getting real messy. Note the long stream of saliva flowing from the giraffe's mouth. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Things start getting real messy. Note the long stream of saliva flowing from the giraffe’s mouth. (Screenshot/YouTube)

I don’t know for sure where this is, but it’s likely to be the Giraffe Ranch in Florida, U.S.A. Seems like a fun family outing—if you don’t mind getting your car cleaned afterwards.

If you liked this video, you’ll love this one of the buffalo with a crazy tongue. If you love giraffes and care about their conservation, please click this article about giraffe hunting.

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