Look What the Skateboard Has Evolved Into

Can this be classified as an evolution of the skateboard, or another variation, or another concept altogether? The way you ride it is totally different.

You no longer have to take one foot off to push and propel things forward. Instead you sort of twist and turn your body in a similar fashion to the snakeboard, casterboard, and the like. Perhaps this is the culmination of those.

The newest way for riders to get their swerve on.

You’ll save on sneaker soles, which can definitely add up in cost, and you have two huge wheels for riding over more types of terrain. Normal, relatively small skateboard wheels would have a bit of trouble with all that. But you still can’t go for a ride on a beat up surface and expect to roll trouble free.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to just switch over, I don’t know how many of your old skateboard tricks you could bring with you. This isn’t the same type of ride, so you’ll have to learn new tricks suitable for this design.

But this isn’t a new design, nor is it the only design like this. There are a few different types of foot-wheel vehicles which build on the slinking motion concept.

I have yet to see these in the X Games or anything. That’s probably because they are much newer, and a bit more practical in terms of transportation rather than being a skate park rat. I also think modern riders are looking for the easiest propulsion method possible, for commuting purposes. It’s tiring to keep pushing off. This saves you a bit of effort, and you can get your swerve on, too.

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