Massive Weta Tells Cat You Shall Not Pass, Cat Slightly Amused

This freaky monster of an insect is the reason my dad once shamed the family, and ripped his pants off in a flailing panic, on the side of the road.

The weta. The wood-loving creature from you sci-fi nightmares.

Dad was driving home with a trailer load full of wood he had collected when he felt one crawling up the inside of his pants.

Fun facts:

1. Peter Jackson, the director of the Lord of the Rings, named his New Zealand studios Weta Digital. I guess he really likes Wetas’ brave spirits… although it could be how creepy looking they are, Peter seems especially drawn to creepy-looking things.

2. Wetas are only found in New Zealand. The one in the first video isn’t even very big. There is a type of giant weta…

3. There are 11 species of giant weta and they can be up to 4 inches long, not including their legs and antennae.

4. Giant wetas can weigh up to 1.25oz, roughly the weight of an average golf ball.

5. Wetas are nocturnal and live in a variety of habitats including grassland, shrub land, forests, and caves. They excavate holes under stones, rotting logs, or in trees, or occupy pre-formed burrows.

6. These invertebrates have been round long enough to see dinosaurs come and go, often called the dinosaur insects.

7. This relative of the cricket is so heavy it can’t even jump. One domesticated giant weta grew to be heavier than a sparrow.

A weta from New Zealand. (Screenshot/YouTube)

A weta from New Zealand. (Screenshot/YouTube)

The cat is mildly amused. (Screenshot/YouTube)

The cat is mildly amused. (Screenshot/YouTube)

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