This Amazing Lego Version of ‘Jurassic Park’ Will Expand Your Idea of Filmmaking

This great re-creation of Steven Spielberg’s hit dinosaur movie is so impressive. It’s uncanny how much can be expressed through Lego bricks these days.

Legos filmmakers mean serious movie business.


It’s like our classic childhood toys have carried into adulthood. They haven’t changed much in basic appearance, but their usage in depicting stories has.

Don’t get it wrong, this isn’t child’s play. There are real production values going on. There are specialists in the field of Lego movies who helped work on this. It’s become its own genre.

Different people did the stop motion animation techniques. Others worked on building the Lego sets. Others provided the voices. And others added the visual effects.

I’m not quite sure what the appeal of making an entire movie out of Legos is, but people have been doing it for quite a while. Why use Legos when you could use clay, motion graphics, or more traditional animation? But with Legos, you can capture that audience that currently plays with Legos, which seems to have grown in age demographic.

You can’t say that the appeal of Legos hasn’t expanded out of its traditional age range. Do you remember this year’s Oscars? The Lego movie song stole the show.

And with the new Jurassic World movie on its way into theaters this summer, this is great timing. Why don’t Universal include a Lego scene in the new film, perhaps containing a clip from this animation. At least include it in the DVD or Blu-Ray special features.

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