What If the Avengers Movie Was Just an Episode of ‘Friends’?

Can the Avengers, one of the most powerful superhero teams of all time, be compared to Friends, one of the most popular sitcoms of of all time?

If you consider their bickering, mismatched personalities, each with their own agendas and subplots, then the two aren’t far off.


‘The Avengers’ gets a ‘Friends’ cast revamp.

If you took the Avengers, but removed all of their abilities, intelligence, superpowers, and rugged strength, than you’d be watching an episode of Friends.

Now all we need is a comic book version of Friends. I have yet to see one, that is, unless you take Archie Comics into consideration. Think that’s what they based Friends off of?

As for who’d play who if you really replaced The Avengers‘s cast with that of Friends, here are my picks:

Matt LeBlanc

Joey is Captain America, both with their innocent, naive sensibilities and never give up qualities. (Image: “Matt Le Blanc” by photo by Alan Light)

Jennifer Aniston

Rachel could easily play Black Widow in place of Scarlett Johansson. Both with the looks and the adaptability to new situations. (Image: “JenniferAniston08TIFF” by gdcgraphics)

Matthew Perry

Chandler’s normal temperament quite fits the Hulk. He could one day have had enough of Joey and transform into this huge monster. (Image: “Matthew Perry by David Shankbone (cropped)” by David Shankbone)

Lisa Kudrow

Phoebe could make a great Thor. These days in the comic books, Thor is a female anyway. Both seem to have that otherworldly quality. (Image: “Lisa Kudrow 2“)

David Schwimmer

Ross comes across as a great Hawkeye. Just let him get in a survival situation and he’ll pull through every time. (Image: “David Schwimmer 2005 Madagascar” by Jason Broersma)

Courteney Cox

Monica could play Iron Man. I guess it’d be Iron Woman. She’s smart, classy, and knows how to take care of business. (Image: “Courteney Cox ’10 PaleyFest” by Albert Domasin)


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