All the Small Moments We Miss About Tokyo, Captured on Film

Familiar roads, familiar smells, familiar scenery. There are some things so common to our daily lives. We get used to them until we turn into them. They are a part of our automatic existence. They might as well be invisible.

But an artist can notice the small things and pull out the details that others walk right past. They can put it all together. They can present it to us as art, and we can look at old things in new ways.

This takes bits of everyday Tokyo life and flips them into each other.

With all of the excitement of Tokyo, and all the fun things to do, or on the other hand, within the weariness of Tokyo’s working world, how can we remember to cherish small moments like these?


The little, delicious things that we need to pay more attention to. (UGUISU/Vimeo)

That’s why it’s good to travel. You can find freshness in what has become invisible to the locals. It’s all new to you, even though it’s gone stale for everybody around you.

You can find differences, and things of interest in minor details. That’s why the travel industry is prosperous. It keeps human beings from going stale in their home environments.

Tokyo bathhouse

This local joy can be absolute bliss to a tourist. (UGUISU/Vimeo)

It’s what I always think of seeing the tourists snapping photos of buildings, landmarks, and goofy street art in New York City. They take interest in such trite and boring things and places, but it’s not at all minor for them. They’ve gone abroad and discovered a land of new treasures. Just put them anywhere on Earth where they haven’t yet been, and it’s like going to Disneyland.

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