How Deadly Is China’s Pollution Really? Hint: Very

Did you know that China’s pollution problem is so bad that you couldn’t even go outside for 175 days of the year last year? Not to mention the fact that the cost of living in Beijing is ridiculously high. I guess paying to live in pollution is a thing these days.

How bad is the pollution really? Watch this video to find out. I highlighted some startling facts for you to think about below.

China’s pollution problem is so bad that:

  • China’s former top Health Minister Chen Zhu said pollution kills up to 500,000 residents a year
  • Less than 1 percent of China’s population (of 1.3 billion people) breathes clean air daily
  • The mayor of Beijing says his city is unlivable

Though publicly the Chinese Communist Party has denied any public health risk because of pollution. They’ve banned documentaries and internal health reports.

The question becomes, who do they think they’re fooling?

Part of the reason for Chinese officials denying its existence is they would have to do a whole lot to fix it.

Consider the fact that China’s vehicle emissions, coal usage, and industrial waste are more than the entire world combined. Slowing down building and pumping along wouldn’t be good for a communist regime with a virtual black box GDP. Building empty cities is really the only way they have tried to justify their existence to the Chinese people.

Though Chinese officials have promised to lower emissions, the fact is that over 70 percent of China’s power comes from coal, and experts don’t believe it’s possible that China’s pollution can be fixed anytime soon. As The Washington Post notes, China wants cleaner air without an environmental movement.

Really though, no matter what propaganda the government intends to put out, there is one thing you can’t hide from… smog.

Less than one percent of China’s population gets to breathe clean air daily. (Nicolò Lazzati/Flickr)

Less than 1 percent of China’s population gets to breathe clean air daily. (Image: Nicolò Lazzati/Flickr)


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