This Dog Is an Amazing Escape Artist, How He Gets Out Is Genius

They say beagles are the third dumbest breed of dogs, but after watching this I think the list is very wrong. I didn’t expect him to get out the way he did, I thought he was going for the door latch. He deserves his hard-earned freedom.

The owners installed a security camera because they just couldn’t figure out how he was getting out. I can imagine how baffled they were each day to find him running free, while the door was still closed, no holes dug beneath, and no holes in the chicken wire.

Watch how this smart little dog escapes. #DailyDogs Get free from the chains that bind us.

I can’t help but feel disappointed for the little guy. After that footage was captured the owners would have intercepted his escape route. He will have scrambled to his freedom only to be defeated. Was that his last moment of glory… or did he find another way?

All About Beagles

Beagles have been trained to hunt rabbits since the earliest development of the breed. (Image: Fantagu/Wikipedia)

Beagles have been trained to hunt rabbits since the earliest development of the breed. (Image: Fantagu/Wikipedia)

So, how did this dog get so clever and agile?

Beagles are as breed hunting dogs, so it’s in their genes to explore and follow their noses.

They are independent and also need lots of exercise due to the hunting genes, so you’ll often find fat beagles pent up in houses and apartments, because they love food, but need longs walks and runs but don’t get them.

An old fat beagle. (Image: Wikipedia)

An old fat beagle. (Image: Wikipedia)

“Beagles are intelligent but, as a result of being bred for the long chase, are single-minded and determined, which can make them hard to train,” according to Wikipedia, that’s why some say they aren’t smart… it’s more like they are too smart, and have selective hearing.

The Doxle

If you are generally interested in smaller type dog-breeds similar to the Beagle, then you’ll definitely love the “Doxle”, a cross breed between Dachshund and Beagle.  They are incredibly cute, especially due to the proportion of their long body vs their shorter legs. They have a long muzzle and tail, while their eyes are large and round.

This breed is regarded as being very loyal, sweet and playful, especially around children.

Doxle, Dachshund beagle mix

“The Doxle is a package of affection, well behaved and friendly.” (Image Credit: 101 Dogbreeds)


If you think you’d like a fun-loving and wanderlust prone beagle, read this first.

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