Team Line Up for New Avengers Comic Leaked Online, Is It Just Too Different?

Avengers new comic title
You aren't ready for the all-new Avengers team. (Screenshot:

It’s The All-New, All-Different Avengers. The first issue will be in stores for Free Comic Book Day, on May 2.

Will a new Avengers team serve the Earth any better?

Guess who’s front and center? It’s Miles Morales as Spider-Man! He’s the only survivor after Marvel ends the Ultimate Universe. Looks like he may be leading our new Avengers team.

Avengers new team cover

Take a look at the new cast. (Screenshot:

Besides Ultimate Spider-Man, the cast also includes:

Ms. Marvel – the fan favorite


Thor – the new female version


Iron Man – but nobody knows if this is Tony Starks or another man or woman

Captain America – not Steve Rogers, but the Falcon as Captain America

But who belongs to that green hand on the right side of the cover? I’ve heard no mention of Hulk. But that hand looks like it’s glowing. Maybe a glowing green gammafied Hulk?

Avengers cover reveal

Fans couldn’t wait for Marvel to reveal the whole thing, so it leaked. (Screenshot:

Marvel tried to do a slow reveal of the entire cast, before the artwork leaked. To me, the artwork looks less Ultimate and more traditional Marvel…even a little old school. Old school art with new school characters.

But I’m sure this Avengers team will be very different. They are a younger bunch, racially diverse and with more females. So how will that actually play out in the comics, as far as protecting the Earth together and such?

Marvel has replaced the races and the sexes, but is it all superficial? Is it all just a surface makeover? Or will this diversity actually mean something? Will the characters go up against issues of race and sex in the comics?

I do like the way Miles Morales was handled in his own series. That was no superficial handling. But I wonder how other writers with different backgrounds will handle diversity at Marvel. The most diverse thing Marvel could have done was to diversify their staff. Character diversity could have naturally come about in an unforced way.

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