Heavy Waves and Sunset Body Surfs: Forgetting About Winter

Incredible slo-mo depiction of surfing. (Screenshot/Vimeo)
Incredible slo-mo depiction of surfing. (Screenshot/Vimeo)

Surfing is attitude dancing. That’s what legendary Hawaiian surfer Gerry Lopez once said. If you like dancing then you’ll love these pictures. For all of you who are dealing with the end of winter, let me help you out. Do yourself a favor and take a mental trip with me to some of the best waves in the world.

Can’t afford to go to Tahiti or Hawaii? No problem! Just check out the raddest pictures you’ve ever seen in some of the best surf the planet has to offer. You know, when I’m not writing for Vision Times, I try and jump into the water any chance I get. Been pretty busy lately so haven’t been surfing much, but these pictures are sure making me want to grab my board and go!

Who wants to come?

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