How to Deal With Embarrassing Moments That Can Ruin Your Social Life

When it comes to being clumsy, I’m your man. Whether it be walking into walls, or steel columns, I’ve tasted my share of lumps.

Let the world see how clumsy you are.

I’ve tripped on ice, tripped on grass, and tripped over dogs on the street, I think. In the past, I’d like to blame it on ill-fitting shoes. But now it’s more a matter of being awkward and loving it.


Is this what people do when they see you fall? (BuzzFeedYellow/YouTube)

Can it be embarrassing? Sure! So can anything you do. There are a million ways to feel awkward about something. You might have friends with rigid ideas on what actions are cool. So let them eat waffles and take pride in your awkward self.

Not saying good balance isn’t something to aspire to. But until you get there, you’ll probably be a little clumsy. It’s like a baby feels when learning to walk, or how I felt learning to drive.


Do people’s reaction to your mistakes shock you? (BuzzFeedYellow/YouTube)

These days I try to be tolerant of others if I sense something could embarrass them. I just try to think of how I might feel in that same situation. Maybe help them laugh it off a bit.

This isn’t to dismiss those times when you just need to offer someone the bitter truth. Sometimes you have to tell someone what’s what in order to help them.

friends and family

Who needs friends and family like this anyway? (BuzzFeedYellow/YouTube)

Tripping up in any form doesn’t have to sap your self-esteem. If it’s something petty, then what does it matter anyway? Let those who would look down on you expose their intolerance in the open.

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