Romantic Plan Turns to Tragedy: The Butterflies’ Last Dance (Photos)

Most of the butterflies just fell out of their boxes, and died on the stage. (Image:
Most of the butterflies just fell out of their boxes, and died on the stage. (Image:

It’s a lovely idea to free hundreds of butterflies into the sky as the grand finale of a gathering.

A home shopping center in Chengdu hosted an event in River Park on March 28, and the organizers planned a beautiful ending called “Flying Butterflies.”

But the result turned out very different than expected… Thousands of locals visited the park that afternoon, looking forward to seeing the fantastic view of hundreds of butterflies flying into the sky at the same moment. The insects were specially flown in from Yunnan in South West China, and the spectators were invited to set them free.

A dozen of "mother-kid" combos opened the boxes holding the butterflies. (Image:

Dozens of “mother-kid” teams open up the boxes holding the butterflies. (Image:

However, the outdoor temperature was a bit low that afternoon, whereas the temperature in Yunnan had been higher, so most of the butterflies were a bit “sleepy” and didn’t really move much, according to Sina News.


Before the boxes were opened, they were heated with hot-water pouches to wake the butterflies up faster. (Image:

The audience couldn’t wait til the butterflies were completely awake. Some parents were already running onto the stage when the closed boxes were brought out, anxious to let their children release the butterflies.

After the boxes were opened, and they saw butterflies flying out, many people rushed onto the stage, chasing after the insects to try and catch them. Some of the insects couldn’t fly very high, and fell onto the ground, where they were soon trampled to death by the excited crowd.

Some lucky smart butterflies found temporary shelter on people’s bodies.

A butterfly is staying on the ponytail of a lady. (Image:

A butterfly sitting on a lady’s ponytail. (Image:

A butterfly is resting on a young man's ear. (Image:

A butterfly resting on a young man’s ear. (Image:

Hiding in the hat. (Image:

Hiding in a hoodie. (Image:

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