Why Are These 5 of the World’s Most Dangerous Chemicals?

These chemicals are so dangerous that not even the Nazis would work with them. (Screenshot/YouTube)
These chemicals are so dangerous that not even the Nazis would work with them. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Hank Green is from the SciShow and he presents his list of 5 of the most dangerous chemicals in the world.

Some of these chemicals are so dangerous that not even the Nazis dared work with or use them.

So what are the 5 chemicals on his list? Here they are and what he says:

1. ClF3, chlorine trifluoride, also called “substance N” by the Nazis—blows up when exposed to air, lethal when inhaled, burns at 2400°C. It can burn bricks, asbestos, or concrete, as well as one meter of dirt beneath that too. It is a better oxidizer than oxygen.

2. C2N14, azidoazide azidethe most explosive chemical compound ever created. It explodes even when left alone. The researchers left azidoazide azide in a dark room undisturbed and it still exploded.

3. Ch3CdCh3, dimethylcadmium—the most toxic chemical in the world. A few micrograms/cubic meter are enough to kill you. Friction, water, and any movement will make it explode.

4. C3H6S, thioacetone—the worlds smelliest chemical. You can smell a drop of thioacetone from half a kilometer away. In 1889, the whole city of Freiburg, Germany, was evacuated due to the accidental release of this substance at a factory in that city.

5. H2FsbF6, fluoroantimonic acid—the strongest corrosive agent in the world, and the most dangerous acid ever invented. It is 10 million billions times stronger than sulfuric acid. You can only store fluoroantimonic acid in teflon containers because teflon contains bonds of C-F, carbon-fluorine, the strongest bond in the organic chemistry chemical. It eats glass like it is nothing.

SciShow’s top 5 of the world’s most dangerous chemicals:

Lucky these chemicals are hard to get a hold of.

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