See The Rock Become the New Champ of Lip Syncing

The Rock
The Rock Is the Lip Sync Battle Champ. (Lip Sync Battle on Spike/YouTube)

Who knew Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson would be such a natural to perform Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off?

Celebrities bring an old party game to national TV.

I’ve heard him sing before, as you can sometimes catch him doing on TV, but a good lip sync battle brings out the performer in anyone.

Besides showing off his neck rolls, he shows great interpretation of a song that he’s just turned into a classic.

Lip Sync Battle is a new show on Spike TV. It’s a spin off from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon‘s very popular segment of the same name.

I’m a bit torn about a lip sync battle. It’s like an air guitar championship. Should lip syncing really be a sport? Wouldn’t you rather just watch someone perform music for real? Or why not just do some Karaoke. At least you’re using your real voice. But for those times you just want to have some holiday party-style fun, and not be embarrassed by your nonexistent singing voice, it’s perfect.

If I had to go on a show like this, I’d sing a more classic artist. But if I made it all fun and playful like they do here, I’d know I’d be offending the legions of fans that stand behind those artists. Well, people still do, but there’s always people who hate them for it. Current day pop artist can more likely be made a joke of without repercussion.

I still hope Jimmy Fallon keeps the segment on his show, as I don’t know how long an entire show devoted to the craft of lip syncing can stay relevant.

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