This New Motorcycle Helmet Is as Close to a Fighter Pilot Helmet as You’ll Get

The LiveMap helmet with GPS navigation. (Screenshot/YouTube)
The LiveMap helmet with GPS navigation. (Screenshot/YouTube)

When riding a motorcycle, you normally have to look down at a GPS, or stop to look at a map. To fix this, Russian engineers have invented the LiveMap system, which is incorporated in a new smart helmet, and will go on sale in the U.S. this summer.

They have incorporated a GPS within a helmet, which displays simple navigation tips on the visor.

CEO Andrew Artshchev got the idea from fighter pilot helmet technology.

“I learnt about the concept of aviation helmets and decided to create a civil motorcycling helmet on that model, which would show not target detection for pilots, but navigational information—to turn right or left and so on,” Artshchev said.

The LiveMap motorbike helmet with GPS navigation:

The helmet is an android-based lightweight helmet that contains a GPS and voice control. Its heads-up transparent display system allows the rider to access navigational information. The full set-up includes a GPS receiver, microphone and earphones, gyroscope, digital compass, and gravity-sensor, all built into a lightweight carbon fiber shell.

LiveMaps was developed with the help of a grant from the Russian Department of Science, Industrial Policy, and Entrepreneurship.  The grant was for a quarter of a million dollars.

The LiveMap motorcycle HUD from TechCrunch:

Riders control the interface with a voice menu system. This allows them to change their route and display additional information while on the move. The helmet will project a full-colour translucent image onto the center of the visor. But the rider will still be able to focus straight through the image and onto the road. A sensor will also allow the projection to dim or brighten based on light conditions.

Dmitry Sizonov, a Usability Expert at LiveMap, said: “Our interface will make no obstacles for clear view and of course any picture can be hidden anytime by a special voice command.”

It will be unveiled in the U.S. in May, and go on sale in August for $2,000.

If you ride a motorcycle, then this is for you, and at $2000, it will be interesting to see how well it sells. Remember, this incorporates multiple technologies, so it’s not merely a helmet. And as  the video above states: “How much is your life worth?”

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