Enjoy Classical Music and Kung Fu Blended on the Great Wall of China

This is an interesting story that began with a dream, just like many other great stories…

The dream? To put a grand piano on the Great Wall of China.

Although many people joked about their idea, when The Piano Guys found out that they had permission to film on the Great Wall, the next challenge was to decide what music to write.

Because they are all big fans of the Kung Fu Panda series, and their children also love those movies, the choice was clear.

As Po the panda’s master, Shifu Oogway, says in the movie:

A destiny is not realized until we let go of the illusion of control.

Using only a piano, cello, and Chinese instruments, including the erhu and guqin, The Piano Guys revealed their Chopin-inspired track.

Steve Sharp Nelson with his custom electric cello named 'Bruce Lee.' (Screenshot/YouTube)

Steve Sharp Nelson with his custom electric cello named ‘Bruce Lee’ which mimics the erhu. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Thanks to everyone who helped manifest the dream, we can now enjoy this wonderful music. So let’s all keep dreaming, and not get put off when things seem too hard.

The amazing footage above was realized with original parts from the movie Kung Fu Panda 2, and the piece “Kung Fu Piano” performed by The Piano Guys, all filmed on the section of the Great Wall known as Huangyaguan.

You can watch some scenes of Shifu Oogway, Po, and the Furious Five below, also set to this gorgeous music.

And for some behind the scenes action, this video shows how the guys actually got the piano up there.

They only had 12 hours to film, the weather wasn’t great, and the site was still open to tourists, so they couldn’t use some of the shots due to sightseers! But they still managed to fulfill their dream in style.

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