Little Girls Doing Flamenco is the Loveliest and Most Fearsome Treat

Little Girls Doing Flamenco is the Loveliest Treat

Flamenco, the heart and soul of Spanish music and dance. The passion and power that flows out of the best performers is always mesmerizing. But, when little girls perform the traditional art, there is a special essence of cuteness, femininity, and power all at once.

Watch one of humankind’s cultural treasures being taught to the next generation. And yet, when you hear the girl sing, you wonder if she is not teaching us? Such an old soul.

Here are the cuties:

This is a seven-year-old girl, dancing to a street performer in Malaga, in the South of Spain. She is a pure talent, throw that girl some flowers! Ole!

This little darling has gone on to be a bit famous in Spain. She appeared on many talk shows exhibiting her raw talent and flare dancing very traditional flamenco. In this video, it is only clapping and singing, without guitar.


And here is the petite power and passion:

This is Silvia Moreno (Sevilla), at only five-years-old. Watch her face. This won’t be the last we see of her, a career in flamenco is inevitable with that passion.

This little Spanish girl sings with the old soul of a true gypsy queen.

The song is a cover of Maria Carrasco‘s A mis queridos reyes magos.

The lyrics are about a little gypsy girl asking the Three Kings for gifts for her family, especially a job for her father so that he will no longer cry in the night.

Ella canta como una estrella gitana del flamenco! Qué fantástica voz!

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