Do You Think This Pygmy Jerboa Is Cute or Creepy? Are They Legal Pets?

At first glance, you might think it is a chick, or a scientist’s mouse-chick splice. It was love at first sight for exotic pet people. So, let’s find out if it’s legal, and where to get it.

This cute little face on legs is a pygmy jerboa, the world’s smallest rodent.

If you live in Western Pakistan near the desert, you won’t be too interested, as they are everywhere. But for everyone else, this Pakistan native is a cute curiosity.

A pigmy jerboa, the smallest rodent in the world, and a highly desired exotic pet. (Wikipedia/Bell Pletsch)

A pygmy jerboa, the smallest rodent in the world, and a highly desired exotic pet. (Image: Wikipedia/Bell Pletsch)

Like other desert rodents, they have long hind legs for jumping in hot sand, and a long tail to balance on while eating. They eat wind blown seeds, and leaves, and live in burrows. They’re also nocturnal like many desert creatures, to avoid the heat of the sun.

This video went viral in 2009, when the rest of the world was introduced to the pygmy jerboa for the first time. The chances are very high that since then, pet companies and breeders have been keeping a breeding pair as “pets” to see how they survive domestic environs.

Legal or not?

According to WiseGeek: “It is illegal in the U.S. to bring a wild pygmy jerboa from Pakistan or Afghanistan, as they are an endangered species. This hasn’t stopped some breeders from showing up in the U.S. and selling them illegally.”

There are a few sneaky breeders that occasionally pop up online, if you hunt them out. Your chances are slim, and you have to ask yourself if it’s right?

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