Top Chinese TV Host in Hot Water for Bad-Mouthing Mao

Chinese TV host Bi Fujian probably wishes the video of him singing a parody about Communist China’s founder Mao Zedong never got uploaded.

But it did, and it quickly went viral before it was taken off line by the authorities.

The video, which you can see above (sorry no video translation as yet available), shows Bi at a private dinner satirizing Mao by singing a Chinese opera song from the Cultural Revolution.

In the song, Bi refers to Mao as “that old son of a bitch,” and he sings about how the Chinese people “suffered enough” under his tyrannical rule, according to China Digital Times.

After it went viral on Weibo, Bi was quickly suspended for four days from his position at state-run CCTV.  According to China Digital Times, CCTV has said that Bi has “caused serious social impact” and that further investigations into the matter will follow.

For a funny look at how the state media works in China, see this video by China Uncensored.

As you can gather by the official response to Bi’s song, any expression on Mao that is not in line with the authorities will get you into trouble because it undermines the Communist Party’s rule.

As for Mao, he beats both Stalin and Hitler in being the greatest mass murder of the 20th century, one example being his so called Great Leap Forward that killed 45 million Chinese.

There were additional movements, such as the Cultural Revolution and others, that resulted in the deaths of more millions and terrorized the population into submission.

In total, Mao is believed to be responsible for unnatural deaths of 80 million people in China and Tibet.

Even though Mao’s track record is a tough subject, see another great episode about Mao in this episode of China Uncensored below.

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