Cosplay Master Invents Captain Spider-Man Hybrid Superhero Suit

Captain Spider-Man
Let's just call him, Captain Spider-Man. (Image: NelsPhotos, Chaos Prince Cosplay)

His name is Luc Luzzo. He’s a professional cosplayer out of California. He has some of the most amazing comic book costume creations to ever grace a Comic-Con floor.

Coolest costume mash-up ever.

His awesome Captain Spider-Man suit has been spreading across the internet faster than the combined speed of a Captain America shield toss and a Spider-Man web sling.

FUSION TIME! Chaos Prince Cosplay

Posted by Chaos Prince Cosplay on Tuesday, April 7, 2015

It’s only fitting, since Spider-Man is rumored to be one of the heroes in Captain America: Civil War next year. Do you think Marvel might do something really cool and combine Cap and Spidey on film?

That’s highly unlikely. What’s more possible is Marvel introducing a Captain Spidey character in the comic books at some point, either as a one-shot or limited series. Somebody just has to. This looks too perfect. It needs to be written into a story.

If Marvel really wanted to use this character, there’s sure to be a way. There have been stranger Spider-Men. And comics always find a way to squeeze in some unexpected character or story element and have it make sense.

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Posted by Chaos Prince Cosplay on Monday, April 6, 2015

Captain America’s shield could really help out Spidey in the midst of battle. He’s often getting hit or knocked down by some of his fiercer opponents. Of course, his spider-like resilience helps, but having a shield to block all the stuff that gets thrown his way couldn’t hurt. And it would always be easier for Spidey to retrieve his shield. He’d just send out a web and pull it back in.

Comics love to do this sort of thing, anyway. But this guy has shown us how perfect it can work before Marvel even had a chance to write it into a comic.


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