Queensland, Australia, Looks Too Good to Be True

OK, Queensland looks ridiculously amazing. People actually get to live there. For those of us that don’t, you can have a once-in-a-lifetime journey there. You’ll probably never want to come home.

White sand, shades of turquoise water, untouched rainforest, endless surf and sun. That tropical kind of thing.

Whitehaven Beach in Queensland, Australia. (Screenshot/Vimeo)

Whitehaven Beach in the Whitsundays. (Screenshot/Vimeo)

Queensland is the north-eastern part of Australia. Keep heading a stone’s throw further north across the Coral Sea and you’ll get beached on Papua New Guinea.

It’s that kind of place in the world.

What to do there?

  • Get lost in a rainforest watching colorful birds of paradise
  • Relax on a tropical beach or two
  • Explore the underwater wonderland that is the one and only Great Barrier Reef
  • Camp out under the starry skies of the outback, or stay in a 5-star hotel
  • Sail the turquoise seas and warm breeze of the Whitsundays (that’s what the video is showing)
  • Soak up the sun while you surf a legendary break on the Gold Coast


Editor’s note on April 13: The tone of this article was updated to portray Queensland’s beauty in a straightforward way.

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