‘Fresh Off the Boat’: Eddie Huang No Longer Supports the Sitcom About His Life

Eddie Huang
Eddie Huang not happy with direction sitcom has taken. (Time/YouTube)

Eddie Huang’s book Fresh Off the Boat: A Memoir chronicled the struggles of his upbringing and his rise to success and the American Dream. The book was fresh and authentic in its representation of a Taiwanese family’s American immigration adventure and Eddie’s hip hop upbringing.

Since then, Huang has become sort of a torchbearer for the immigrant experience. He’s been a lawyer, comedian, and a successful chef. And now his life story appears in front of the masses on weekly TV.

The sitcom received a lot of support and praise. But Eddie Huang is turning his back on it. He says that after the pilot, it no longer represented him. He expected a realer representation of his struggles, and lot of those struggles came from intense family drama. He’s even gone on to state:

Some think he is expecting something that no sitcom alone can provide. The critics may have a point. He is putting himself in the hands of a TV company and hoping they can represent his story accurately. But that type of real deal tragedy and triumph story might work better in cinematic form. ABC is probably just using the formula they are known for: lighthearted content for a general audience. But I don’t fault Huang for seeking a more authentic vision.

I loved watching Everybody Hates Chris. I think it represents a great model for a show like this. Part of the success of that show was Chris Rock’s involvement in the creative aspects. If Huang could have more of an influence on the day to day operations, he may see his original vision start to peak through.

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