Top 5 Surprise Characters You’re Likely to See in ‘Age of Ultron’

Possible Avengers
Some superheroes you may or may not see in the upcoming film. (Images:,,

We’ve got about half a month to go until the opening of Avengers: Age of Ultron. A major draw of the film has been all the gossip around who is likely to show up this time around to join the team.

The Avengers are a huge squad. Their roster has shifted and changed throughout the years. The original Avengers were Iron Man, Ant-Man, Thor, Hulk, and Wasp. But there have been an uncountable number of superheroes involved over the years.

There are so many options for characters Marvel could possibly introduce. These 5 are the most likely, looking at which characters Marvel still has the rights to, as well as those most central to the storyline.

This list is full of potential spoilers. But it depends on how closely Marvel chooses to follow the comics.

1. Spider-Woman


Spider-Woman needs some screen time. (Image:

In the comics, Age of Ultron began with a torn up, tied up Spider-Man, rescued from an eerie villain hideout by Hawkeye. But MCU head Kevin Feige says Spider-Man will not be in this film. He holds a very important role which provides a jumping off point in the comic series.

Who will replace him? Probably another Spider-being. Spider-Woman is my bet, unless they totally cut the initial rescue from the film. But in the comics series, Spider-Woman is one of the last to be rescued from Ultron.

2. Punisher


Punisher might show up for a quick second. (Image:

The most violent character in the Marvel Universe makes a brief appearance to aid the rebel superhero team led by Captain America in Civil War, before getting punched and kicked to the curb. His appearance in the comic is pretty much a cameo, making me think they brought him in for future cinematic reasons.

He’s already starred in 3 of his own movies since 1989. If Marvel uses him now or waits until Civil War, they may be seeking a reboot of his solo films, but they’d need to clean up his image for mainstream success.

3. Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is a mystic superhero on another level. (Image:

In the alternate reality created in this story, it’s Doctor Strange and the Defenders who are Earth’s mightiest heroes, not the Avengers. Doctor Strange is one of the more powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe, and he’s also getting a solo film. So you ain’t seen nothing yet.

4. Ka-Zar


Ka-Zar is Marvel’s Tarzan. (Image:

The Tarzan of Marvel, this jungle king offers the hiding place for Nick Fury. A lot of the story takes place in his homeland. He’s by no means a big or anticipated character, but if he was absent from this film, at least his homeland would have to be represented.

5. Angela


Angela may lead to a future Marvel movie. (Image:

Angela is a newly acquired character for Marvel. Once Marvel obtained the rights to her, she appeared in the Age of Ultron storyline.

She is said to be the lost sister of Thor. She first appears at the end of the Age of Ultron comic story arc. If you see her, she’s probably going to have something to do with the next Thor movie.

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