City Girl Loves Her Pet Pig So Much She Lets Him Sleep in Bed (Photos)

Wuhua and his adoring owner. (Image:
Wuhua and his adoring owner. (Image:

Would you like a special pet like this?

This young woman from Beijing posted a series of photos on Weibo sharing cute moments with her pet pig named Wu Hua, which triggered lots of comments.

She said: “I just love this pig [pronounced as ‘Zhu’ in Chinese] and my surname is Zhu.”

Turns out she bought him on Taobao in 2012. Wu Hua now weighs 187 pounds but his owner lets him sleep in her bed, and they hug each other.

Wu Hua’s owner has been mentally prepared for him to get to this size, and he’s still growing.

Is it cute or cruel? What do you think?


The girl kissing her pet pig. (Image:


‘Let’s take a selfie.’ (Image:


Fast asleep. (Image:


He looks like a baby. (Image:


Now he looks curious. (Image:

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