Huntress Gets Death Threats After Ricky Gervais Slams Her for Smiling With Dead Giraffe (Disturbing Images)

An elated Rebecca Francis on the 'Eye of the Hunter' show, having just shot a blesbuck. (Screenshot/YouTube)
An elated Rebecca Francis on the 'Eye of the Hunter' show, having just shot a blesbuck. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Rebecca Francis is the target now.

The hunter is being blasted with shots of hate, fury, and even death threats after comedian and animal conservationist Ricky Gervais posted her photo on Twitter.

Rebecca is seen lying down posing happily next to the giraffe bull she’s just killed.

Gervais asked his 7.1 million followers: “What must’ve happened to you in your life to make you want to kill a beautiful animal and then lie next to it smiling?”

Rebecca regrets nothing, making a statement she feels justifies the kill, via Hunting Life’s Facebook page.

We just connected with Rebecca Francis and got a statement on her Giraffe hunt that anti-hunters are attacking her for. … Posted by on Tuesday, April 14, 2015

What exactly is it that people are opposing? The hunting in and of itself, or the pleasure she gets in killing?

By looking at the comment section, her statement hasn’t diffused the situation, and Gervais stands by his disgust urging people to follow VETPAW.

Sport, game, and conservation?

The huntress won reality TV show Extreme Huntress in 2010, and this photo is from that same year. As a passionate and professional hunter, Francis proudly boasts on her website a long list of game she has “harvested.”

If you are very curious, you can see the episode where they hunt it. (WARNING for sensitive viewers).

Strangely enough, the episode shows the “old, lonely male giraffe” that had been kicked out of the herd and would soon die is actually with a young giraffe. What’s that all about?

The targeted male is actually seen briefly with a younger girafee, debunking the excuse they used that he was alone and kicked out of a heard. (Screenshot/Youtube)

The targeted male is actually seen briefly with a younger giraffe, debunking the excuse she used that he was alone and kicked out of a herd. (Screenshot/YouTube)

The fact of the matter is that Rebecca’s a trophy hunter. She’s one of those people who love hunting animals, as many different kinds as possible, and will pay big money to do it.

And they pay the land owners thousands to do that. This hunting lodge charges $3,000 to kill a giraffe, plus $345 a day. Hunters claim that money goes toward preservation of the land, the species, the young, and paying game keepers and protectors. Otherwise, the animals would be poached in an uncontrolled manner, and there’d be no money incentive to the land owners to try and protect the animals. That’s when extinction becomes a reality, as in the case of the northern white rhino, which was officially declared extinct recently. This article helps explain it further.

Reading Rebecca’s website, my mind starts to wander to an apocalyptic era that we could possibly face one day. If the infrastructure of our society totally crumbled in some disaster, and it truly became survival of the fittest and we were all starving, surrounded by empty supermarkets… I’m thinking these folk will be just fine. They’ll survive. Do we have the right to take that away from them?

To be fair, she does try to do a lot of humanitarian work each year, as she explains on her hunting webpage.

So, what’s the main problem here?

No one wants to see giraffes go extinct, that’s a real issue.

There are two types that are endangered, but the rest of the 80,000 giraffes in Africa are not on the endangered list yet, although their numbers have dropped dramatically since 1999, when there were 140,000. The Giraffe Conservation Foundation website has more details here.

Hunters claim they are funding a certain level of protection so they aren’t poached off the planet. If this true, it is a bit of a stalemate for those in society who just want them protected and cherished alive.

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