If Being Special Is Your Style, These Unique Tiny Dresses Are Just for You!

limzy artwork
These original and mind-blowing artworks come from Limzy, a talented Malaysian artist. (Screenshot/LoveLimzy)

These lovely creative petal dresses were made by Singapore-based Malaysian artist Lim Zhi Wei, whose nickname is Limzy.

She started her flower artwork on Instagram when she was an art teacher, and didn’t have much time or energy after work for big paintings. So she began to work with various little things that are common in daily life, like food and petals.

She believes that “art isn’t meant only for the walls of high-end galleries, but for the ordinary and everyday appreciation as well,” according to Lip-lock.

Limzy said she wasn’t good with flowers at the beginning, but things changed after she got inspired and made her grandma a birthday gift, a bookmark with a girl in a rose dress.

She said: “I thought a rose looks like a girl’s puffy dress. So I pressed some rose petals between books, and made her a bookmark with a girl wearing a rose dress. And she loves it!”

Sisters, made of Calla lilies

Karolina wearing her gown, made of blue roses

Maleficent, made of black-dyed rose

Bride, made of a single calla lily

Bride and her mom, made of white roses

‘The day you marry, I will give you to him, but forever know my little girl you will always be,” quoted from Limzy’s Instagram.

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Lupita’s oscar dress

Kimono, made of rose

Sapphire, made of eustoma

Ballet dancers, made of moth orchids

A pink gown made of eustoma

Snow white, made of 2 white roses and baby’s breath

Royals, made of purple orchids

A beautiful gown made of a gladiolus stem

Chinese hanfu, made of pink lily petals

 Dance, made of a single cockscomb flower

Wedding dress, made of cascading orchid

Mulberry, made of Bougainvillea

Russian Red, made of red rose

Rose tulle dress

These lovely petal dresses are absolutely breathtaking! I wish I could get one in real life (I want them all, but I may sound too greedy), and truly hope you have enjoyed Limzy’s artworks as much as I have.

You can now ask Limzy questions on her Instagram. And I just found out from there that she changed her field from science to arts, which I’m so glad to hear!

Limzy’s new flower artworks… fighting fish

These adorable fighting fishes made me say “wow” the first time I saw them. It’s like they were swimming right in front of my eyes, so freely and gracefully.

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