Dear Future Generations: Sorry (Prince Ea)

This new video by Internet poet Prince Ea is extremely poignant. It speaks to every fiber of my feeling as a human being that we must do better to leave this planet livable for those after us.  It reminds me that my job as a member of the human race is not to live just for my own enjoyment—I have a bigger mission at hand.

For those of you who are younger, I am on your side. No, we didn’t get left the easiest start. We have a planet that’s falling apart seemingly beyond repair. Though I think it’s time for fewer excuses. Yes, these are the cards we were dealt. Our decision is now simple—do we accept it?

We must, as young stewards of this future planet, do more to sustain its breath.

Prince Ea outlines this perfectly in his new video when he says:

We didn’t realize how special the Earth was.

This video is the most shareable piece of information that you’ll find today, this week, this month, this year, or maybe ever. So for the future of humanity, please share it with everyone.





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