No More ‘Cinderella’ Website Helps Chinese Find Better English Names

The website provides a service to give Chinese a real English name. (Screenshot/
The website provides a service to give Chinese a real English name. (Screenshot/

Spending much of my time focused on China and hanging out with many writers from Mainland China I have noticed something over the years. Namely that many Chinese have very odd American names.

I haven’t heard of Lady Gaga or Mo’ Money, but these are a few of the more extreme names that some Maindlanders have taken on, according to National Public Radio’s recent blog. Well, now a new website hopes to help Chinese pick a more suitable (and socially appropriate) English name.

The site is appropriately titled It was started by American entrepreneur Lindsay Jernigan. The 25-year-old noticed a need for this service while she was living in Shanghai.

Jernigan explains how the site started because: “These names that we would see (as) ‘stripper’ names for really smart young women.”

She continued: “So, I’ve heard a lot of people laughing about the ‘Candy’ and the ‘Cherry’… ‘Sapphire,’ ‘Twinkle.'”

She even had a co-worker with the name Eleven.

Her website offers customers a simple quiz that uses an algorithm to generate five possible names. Within the quiz users are asked to chose their favorite sport, music, and even personal style.

Users can also put in their birthdays and professions, and choose whether they want an easily pronounceable name. The service costs about $2.50 and so far has over 2,000 customers.

I wonder if they have one for Americans who want a Chinese name? Someone help me out!

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