‘Song of the Sea:’ This Enchanting Animation Tells an Irish Legend

Song of the Sea is a quiet, colorful, melodious ode to the magical world of the Celts.

It tells the Irish and Scottish myth of women transforming into seals and vice versa, known as “selkies.”

You can take a look at the beautiful cinematography, and enjoy the ethereal music in these two videos of the trailer and soundtrack.

In this 2014 film from Tomm Moore, we follow little Selkie girl Saoirse and her big brother Ben on a quest to save the spirit world and magical beings from the curse of the owl witch. The curious-to-pronounce Irish name means freedom or liberty, and is a popular girl’s name in Ireland.

Saoirse’s song of the sea frees little Celtic elves from being turned forever into stone statues. Her elves are not your winged, wasp-waist elves. Originally they looked human with the same size and shape, and did not have wings.

Only they appeared young, could live hundreds or thousands of years, and had magical powers.

For me, Song of the Sea translated to creativity and magic emerging in a moment of kindness and honesty. And the wicked owl witch plays quite the villain with her stony curse which she even placed on her own son.

The film was nominated for an Oscar and Annie Award, and scored 8.4 on Rotten Tomatoes (compared with Interstellar which scored 7).

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