These Are the Top 10 Must-See Tourist Spots in Taiwan

Here is a list of top 10 tourist spots foreigners love most. (Image:
Here is a list of top 10 tourist spots foreigners love most. (Image:

Backpackers, take a look at this. Here are some useful travel tips for you! Following are the 10 most popular destinations for visitors to Taiwan, according to Google’s recently released Street View Top Search Queries. You can spend a few minutes on a virtual trip to these amazing places right here.

Let’s count down from No. 10…

10. Lukang Old Street (Changhua County)

Have you ever heard of one of the famous Taiwanese oldies called Lukang the Little Town? Lukang Old Street is famous for its well-preserved cultural heritage and charming atmosphere.

Take a walk down its winding alleys and you’ll see traditional Taiwanese-style houses with carved doorways and windows, intricately designed arches over the main entrance, thin brick walls and red tiled roads, as well as retro-green mailboxes hanging outside.


Lukang Old Street. (Image:

9. Yehliu Geopark (New Taipei City)

Check out this video. You’ll be amazed by these stunningly beautiful images of nature.

8. Anping Old Street (Tainan City)

Anping was originally a Dutch settlement in Tainan and fortunately the old buildings are still there.

While exploring their features, look out for the colorful sword-lions hung on these historical residences. They served to identify the resident as there was no address back in those days. The different sizes, facial expressions, and colors represented a family’s position in society.

Ever heard someone say: “People are the most beautiful scenery in Taiwan”? Well, this is especially true in Tainan, a city filled with kindness and humanity.

Lastly, you must try the local food and snacks here—seriously!


Anping Fort , aka Fort Zeelandia. (Image: Taiwantaffy/Wikipedia)

7. Xinyi District (Taipei City)

Xinyi District is composed of Taipei 101, and the Taipei World Trade Center, as well as many shopping malls, restaurants, bookstores, hotels, and cinemas.

Normally you can see street performers, artists, and musicians here. While enjoying watching their unique skills, it’s nice to leave a tip.


Xinyi District (Image:


Street performers in Xinyi District. (Image:


Street performers in Xinyi District. (Image:

6. E-da World (Kaohsiung City)

E-da World is a new landmark in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. It includes E-da Outlet Mall, E-da Royal hotel, E-da Skylark hotel, E-da Royal villa, E-da Theme Park, E-da Royal Theater, E-da Rhino,s and E-da Bus, making your three wishes—leisure, shopping and amusement—all come true at once.

E-da Theme Park. (Image:

E-da Theme Park. (Image:

E-da Royal Theater. (Image:

E-da Royal Theater. (Image:

5. Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall (Taipei City)

This is a Taiwanese national monument, landmark, and tourist attraction erected in memory of Chiang Kai-shek, former President of the Republic of China (Taiwan), that symbolizes the spirit of freedom.

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall (Taipei City)

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. (Image: Wikipedia)

4. Orchid Island (Taitung County)

Aka Lanyu, Orchid Island is one of the county’s two offshore areas, the other being Green Island. It is home to the Tao, an ethnic minority group who migrated to the island from the Batan Archipelago 800 years ago. Tao aboriginal culture has become its major feature.

Yoohoo, culture lovers and island lovers, Orchid Island is definitely one of the best places that you shouldn’t miss!

498px-Taiwan_relief_location_map (1)

Location of Orchid Island. (Image: Wikipedia)

 Lanyu beach. (Image: Wikipedia)

Lanyu beach. (Image: Wikipedia)

Traditional canoe. (Image: Wikipedia)

Traditional canoe. (Image: Wikipedia)


Men’s traditional dance. (Image: Wikipedia)

3. Green Island (Taitung County)

Green Island, aka Ludao, is a small volcanic island in the Pacific Ocean about 21 miles off the east coast of Taiwan. It is a rural township of Taitung County and the other of the county’s two offshore areas, primarily noted for its prisons and penal colonies.

It’s known for its culture, history and the beautiful ocean view.

If you even get a chance to visit Ludao, don’t forget to have a hot spring bath in the morning and enjoy the magnificent sunrise view.


Location of Green Island. (Image: Wikipedia)


Lu-tao lighthouse. (Image: Wikipedia)


Human Rights Memorial Monument. (Image: Wikipedia)

Jhaorih Hot Spring, literally sunrise hot spring. (Image:

The beach at Jhaorih Hot Spring. (Image:

Jhaorih Hot Spring. (Image:

2. Taipei Station (Taipei City)

Taipei Station, aka Taipei Railway Station or Taipei Main Station, is a large building which houses multiple transport systems:

  • Taiwan Railway Administration
  • Taipei Metro asa MRT
  • Taiwan High Speed Rail
  • Taipei Bus Station
  • Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Access MRT System which will start operation at the end of the year.

The station is at the center of this region, and contains a food court and several stores, including a shopping center.


Taipei Railway Station. (Image: Wikipedia)

Finally… here comes the number one tourist spot!

1. Jiufen Old Street (New Taipei City)

Once the center of gold mining, Jiufen has a long and well-preserved history. The village is next to the mountain and faces the sea.

You can find famous scenes in Japanese animated fantasy film Spirited Away and Taiwanese film A City of Sadness which won first prize in the Venice Film Festival there.

Best stops during a visit to Jiufen are its many unique teahouses and the beautiful ocean view of Keelung outer sea. One of the most tried snacks here is yam or taro balls (Yu Yuen).

morning of Jiufen Old Street. (Image:

Jiufen Old Street in the morning. (Image:


Jiufen Old Street by night. (Image:


Jiufen Old Street. (Image: Jane Tseng)


Yam or taro balls, aka Yu Yuen. (Image:

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