Tracy Chapman Just Sang ‘Stand By Me’ and Left a Vortex in My Heart

Tracy Chapman. It’s been a while. You haven’t recorded an album since 2008. But that’s okay.

I remember when you released Give Me One Reason. I thought that song was so different at the time. I can’t quite remember all of what I was listening to back then, but that simple, polished gem of a song opened me up musically, and pried me off of whatever my mind was stuck on.

And here you go again, performing Ben E. King’s classic song which I remember from movie soundtracks as a kid.

When you hear a song like this at any age, you can’t help but feel the wonder of romance. And as a kid that feeling takes on a purity, an amazement, a marvel on the world and all that’s in it.

Such a performance I’m rarely honored to witness.

And this feels just like that. This feels like that first time I heard this song. This reimagining by that silky voice of yours, Tracy Chapman, is even better. It’s better because it’s different. It’s fresh. I want to hear you cover more songs. There are so many songs I want you to cover. Take these songs and make them yours.

It’s because you add this dimension to it, this genuine, humble, real dimension. You put yourself in there. You don’t exaggerate what you put on display. You don’t add unnecessary ingredients nor leave out essential nutrients.

You provide balance and peace. You leave the listener with a certain joy they can take with them. Not just David Letterman, but all the world wants to hug you.

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